Virtual Office Service in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Virtual Office

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, an individual, or just a business looking to cut costs, a virtual office service in Edinburgh could be exactly what you need. With an increase in the work-from-home culture, does it make sense to be tied into a traditional office for the long term, when a virtual office address in Edinburgh could provide for all of your needs?

If you’ve never thought about using a virtual office service in Edinburgh, we’d like to take the time to show you why you should. We’ll let you know all that’s on offer and, more importantly, the benefits that this all brings to you and your business.

How a virtual office address in Edinburgh protects your privacy

As you’re no doubt aware, every UK limited company needs to provide a registered office address. The address provided is then posted on Companies House meaning that anyone capable of a basic search can quickly get hold of your details.

A major part of a virtual office service in Edinburgh is you’re able to use this as your registered office address. This means that your home address is kept away from prying eyes as you keep your privacy intact.

A virtual office address in Edinburgh for your mail

Do you want to create a great impression when it comes to your business? Of course you do. One of the best ways of doing this is to ensure that your business cards, your stationery, and your website all contain a prestigious address. This address will create the reputation that your business needs and it can be used by all of your customers who wish to correspond in writing.

Any mail that is sent to your virtual office address in Edinburgh is quickly sorted and then forwarded to you. As far as your customers know, the address that they have written to is your actual office.

How meeting room hire in Edinburgh creates a great impression

Do you have clients, or maybe potential partners, who you need to meet face to face? If so, you have a few choices. You could invite them to your house for a coffee, attend somewhere of their choosing, or meet in say a Starbucks or a Costa. If you want to give the right impression though, you’ll want to invite them to your offices.

The good news is that our virtual office service also offers meeting room hire in Edinburgh. You can take advantage of the very best of technology and host up to 10 delegates who are bound to be left suitably impressed. If your delegates, or anyone else, need to make contact with you again, you can take advantage of our telephone answering service that gives the impression that you have your very own receptionist.

The key benefits of a virtual office service in Edinburgh

By taking advantage of this service, these are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • A professional image backed up by a prestigious office address
  • Meeting rooms that create the impression that your business is larger than it really is
  • Reduced overheads compared to a traditional office
  • Flexible terms
  • Easy setup

If a virtual office service in Edinburgh fits your needs, get in touch today and let us show you exactly what’s on offer.