Key Benefits of Serviced Offices in Edinburgh

Hudson House serviced offices in central Edinburgh is the ideal location for 1-10 person office space. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, Hudson House is the perfect spot to base your business. Whether you are looking for a location to base you core staff or wider team, Hudson House Serviced offices offer high quality, fully furnished office space on very flexible terms.

As we emerge from COVID-19 induced lockdown people are eager to get back to some semblance of normality. Whilst working from home served it’s purpose at a time it was very much needed, it has become clear that home working fatigue has set in and staff long for the social interaction the office environment provides. In this article we highlight the key benefits of Serviced Offices and why they are here to stay.

Eliminates home working fatigue

Whilst the move to working from home has been generally viewed as a success, it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Long term working from home is intensifying a culture of ‘never off’. Data obtained from a UK study shows that the longer enforced home working continues the more the lines between work and private life become blurred. The same study concluded that employees mental health has suffered significantly as a result of long periods of home working.

Another key issue of the move to permanent home working is the fact that younger professionals, including graduates, have found the switch more difficult than their older peers. Over one third of younger professionals living with parents or in shared accommodation are confined to a single room for sleeping and working. This has caused an increase in this demographic being the most likely to suffer from work-related anxiety.

Boosted employee productivity and collaboration

Dedicated office space not only addresses the negatives that come with home working but it has also been shown to increase productivity and collaboration amongst colleagues. In a recent survey of 145,000 workers worldwide by Leesman, it was revealed that 28% of people who work from home said they were unable to collaborate on creative work while at home. A collaborative workspace allows for the creative thinking that is so essential for businesses.

Accelerated staff development

With increased collaboration comes an increased rate of employee development. New starters that are physically surrounded by their more experienced peers are able to learn by osmosis, listening to office conversations and telephone calls as well as developing their professional networks which are key to staff development and on the job training – something that has undoubtedly suffered as a result of the prolonged period of home working.

Reduced overheads and greater flexibility

Despite what some may say, serviced offices can actually help reduce your business costs. One key benefit and cost saving feature of a serviced office is that it already comes fully furnished before you move in. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing desks, chairs, shelves and other accessories. There’s therefore no need to worry about relocating this furniture if the business relocates.

Increased use of Virtual Office Services

One thing that is clear is that as businesses transition back to something that looks more like business as usual there will be an increase in their use of more Virtual Office Services such as Mailing Address Services, Telephone Answering Services and Ad Hoc Meeting Room Hire. Virtual office services allow for increased productivity, reduction in costs and greater flexibility. For more information on what virtual office services we provide, fill out the contact form below or get in touch via This is something that Hudson House has years of experience in and offer competitive prices for.