Serviced Offices in Edinburgh

For startup businesses it is extremely common that the owner’s home will be the main place of business in the early stages. While in business every penny always counts, it’s perhaps fair to say that this applies even more so in the first few months. Looking at the number of businesses that fail in the first 12 months certainly highlights that point. What happens when you start to outgrow the home office though? What can you do when office rents, and all that entails, are astronomical? Well, that’s where serviced offices in Edinburgh can help greatly.

At Hudson House, we’re proud to say that we’re able to support businesses as they grow. The office space in Edinburgh that we have to offer is perfect for established businesses as well as those that are looking to expand. If you want to know if serviced offices in Edinburgh would be a good fit for you, read on.

Office in Edinburgh

How serviced offices in Edinburgh can make your business shine

It’s vital that you create a great impression for all of your visitors and clients. Well, with our serviced offices in Edinburgh, you don’t just get a prestigious address, you also have access to our front-of-house reception team. They’ll treat your visitors with the professionalism that they deserve, and your business will soon be regarded as exceptional when it comes to customer service.

The other great thing at Hudson House is that our office space in Edinburgh is cleaned on a daily basis. That means, if you’re taking visitors into your office, you can be sure that it’s looking great and creating the right impression.

All-inclusive office space in Edinburgh

If you’ve previously looked at costing an office, you’ll have realised that the costs can quickly mount up. If it was just the rent it may be doable, but you then need to factor in business rates, utilities, and insurance. These things put an office out of reach for many businesses.

With our office space in Edinburgh, everything’s covered. Your business rates, insurance, utilities etc are all included in your monthly fee. There is also access to superfast fibre broadband and even digital telephones if required. You can be confident that the price that you’re quoted gives you the convenience and simplicity of a simple fixed monthly cost.

Furnished offices in Edinburgh – A great option

Something else that businesses need to budget for is furnishing their offices. It soon gets expensive as you select everything that you need, and you then face delays as you wait for delivery dates. Our furnished offices in Edinburgh are different.

We install exactly what has been agreed upon and your office is ready to work from on day one. You can’t find that level of convenience anywhere else.

Are serviced offices in Edinburgh right for you?

If you’re seeking:

  • Overheads that are way below those of a traditional office
  • 24/7 access
  • An office that is suitable for just you or for up to 10 people
  • Bills that are all included
  • A fully furnished space
  • Flexible terms

then there’s a good chance that our office space in Edinburgh is for you. Why not get in touch to find out more?