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Whether you’re a startup, small business, or simply looking to cut costs a virtual office service in Edinburgh could be exactly what you need

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Serviced Offices in Edinburgh

For startup businesses it is extremely common that the owner’s home will be the main place of business in the early stages. While in business every penny always counts, it’s perhaps fair to say that this applies even more so in the first few months. Looking at the number of businesses that fail in the first 12 months certainly highlights that point. What happens when you start to outgrow the home office though? What can you do when office rents, and all that entails, are astronomical? Well, that’s where serviced offices in Edinburgh can help greatly.

At Hudson House, we’re proud to say that we’re able to support businesses as they grow. The office space in Edinburgh that we have to offer is perfect for established businesses as well as those that are looking to expand. If you want to know if serviced offices in Edinburgh would be a good fit for you, read on.

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The Future of Office Space in Edinburgh

COVID-19 has forced businesses to revaluate how they use serviced office space. With the majority moving to large scale home working, it begs the question what will the ‘new-normal’ look like in terms of office space for small businesses? In this article we look at some of the trends during the transition to home working and give some insight into what the future holds for office space in a post-pandemic UK.

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Key Benefits of Serviced Offices in Edinburgh

Hudson House serviced offices in central Edinburgh is the ideal location for 1-10 person office space. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, Hudson House is the perfect spot to base your business. Whether you are looking for a location to base you core staff or wider team, Hudson House Serviced offices offer high quality, fully furnished office space on very flexible terms.

As we emerge from COVID-19 induced lockdown people are eager to get back to some semblance of normality. Whilst working from home served it’s purpose at a time it was very much needed, it has become clear that home working fatigue has set in and staff long for the social interaction the office environment provides. In this article we highlight the key benefits of Serviced Offices and why it is here to stay.